about befix

In the 1980s, Belgium lacked an effective treatment for a common problem in horses and ponies: summer eczema or also known as sweet itch. Also facing this problem herself as the owner of a large number of ponies, Rita Maes therefore decided to create her own blend with different essential oils. They soon discovered that this composition provided relief from the itching caused by summer eczema. However, developing a stable formula proved challenging. In cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University and a pharmaceutical company, they succeeded in developing a stable formula. Thus, the first caring and soothing cream to treat summer eczema in horses, called “Liberate cream,” saw the light of day. To this day, this product remains popular among horse owners.

After this breakthrough, Rita’s husband, Christian Bertier, focused on selling the products, to which by now a supportive shampoo had been added, and afterwards the range grew further with the development of a lotion.

In 2010, Siegfried Bertier took over from his parents. Not long after, the brand underwent a complete transformation, replacing the Liberate name and logo with a new look, resulting in the birth of the befix brand. In the years that followed, various products, including befix deofix normal and deofix super, were added to the range in different packages. The most recent addition to the befix range is the befix EXIT-CH Summer.

In late 2023, the Befix brand, including all its products, was acquired by Equestrian Brand Development and joined such brands as Excellence Products, LJ Leathers and Pro Selected by LJ.

We aim to add more products to the befix range in the future so that you can count on us for the care of horses and ponies and always have essential oil-based products at your disposal.

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