no summer without befix

Sweet itch, frustrating for horse and owner.

Sweet itch, also known as summereczema (SME), is a common condition in horses characterized by intense itching, skin irritation and inflammation. This condition occurs primarily in horses that are allergic to the saliva of certain insects, particularly the Culicoides mosquito, also known as thegnator the stinging mosquito.

Summer eczema is a frustrating and uncomfortable condition for our beloved four-legged friends and can be quite challenging for horse owners and their animals alike.

befix already has over 10+ years of experience in the manufacture of products that soothe, moisturize and restore the skin, soften, moisturize and restore it, while reducing itching and inflammation.

A carefree summer stroll.....

There is nothing more annoying than a summer walk with your horse being disrupted by insects. befix deofix super and befix deofix normal are therefore your ideal partner during the summer months.

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